We believe the mission of St. Peter, To walk the path of love in the Body of Christ, which is the Church, nourished by the Body of Christ, which is the Eucharist.


Sunday Mass in English will be live-streamed on Facebook at 10:00am. Mass in Spanish will be live-streamed at 12:00pm

The church will be closed from 7:30am Sunday until 1:30pm.


 Misa de Domingo en inglés será transmitida en vivo en Facebook a las 10 am. La Misa en español será transmitida en

                              vivo en Facebook a las 12:00 pm. El templo estará cerrado el Domingo a partir de 7:30 de mañana hasta 1:30 de la tarde.


We are called to respect, love, and promote human life; and to defend the life, dignity, and rights of all people. Human dignity is the belief that all people have been endowed by God with dignity and deserve respect. It is the belief that everyone has something to offer.


We are dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world. We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith.


We believe the mission of St. Peter, The Dalles, is to worship, to serve God as a Catholic Community, and to allow His spirit freely to unite our Parish and society. We accomplish this vision by sharing His message of love, forgiveness and hope, and by caring, instructing and witnessing in the Spirit of His Love.


All Masses, Sunday and weekday Masses are cancelled. The Church will be open for individual prayer  until 9pm everyday. There will be no groups meeting during this time (Grupo de Oracion, religious education, Mom’s Ministry, etc.) For updated information please check our My Parish App, Facebook page and the diocesan website.


Todas las misas, de domingo y las de Las 8am durante la semana se cancelan. La Iglesia estará abierta para la oración individual hasta las 9pm todos los días. No habrá reuniones de grupos durante este tiempo (Grupo de Oración, educación religiosa, Ministerio de madres, etc.) Para obtener información actualizada, visite nuestra página de Facebook, baja el MyParish App  y el sitio web diocesano.

Aquí está el horario de transmisión en vivo de la Diócesis de Baker

Programa de transmisión en vivo:

Misa dominical:
Inglés 9:00Am
Español 10:30AM

Misa diaria:
Lunes a viernes: inglés 8:10 AM

Here is the Diocese of Baker Live Stream Schedule 

Live Stream Schedule:

Sunday Mass:
English 9:00 AM
Spanish 10:30 AM

Daily Mass:
Monday-Friday: English 8:10 AM

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  • Tuesday May 26 - 4:16pm