Blasphemies against the Motherhood of Mary II

Continuing the theme of blasphemies directed against the motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary we can consider the common blasphemies in today’s world (I am speaking about objective blasphemies often made in ignorance).

There are those who deny that Jesus is really God, reducing him instead to being nothing more than a great religious leader, a prophet, or a moral teacher; they thereby deny also that the Blessed Virgin is truly the Mother of God.  The divine maternity is also denied by those who hold that Jesus was a man like us who only gradually discovered his divinity, a divinity that is not unique to him, but is shared by all humanity. Then there are those who deny even her motherhood, speaking no longer of Jesus, but of an abstract new-age Christ, a ‘Christ-consciousness’ that might have belonged supremely to Jesus, but having been revealed in the life of Jesus, must be discovered and appropriated by each one.

Jesus Christ, however, is truly the Son of God made man, true God and true man; he was truly born of the Virgin Mary, truly suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried, and just as truly did he rise again from the dead on the third day. The one who did all of this is truly the Son of God who reigns forever, in his humanity, at the right hand of the Father. To honor him is to honor his Holy Mother; to dishonor him is to dishonor his Holy Mother; to honor his Holy Mother is to honor him; to dishonor his Holy Mother is to dishonor him.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of God, because her Son is truly the Son of God made man, the Word made flesh. The Son of God, through whom all things were made, through whom every human being was made and will be made, did not become man just for the Blessed Virgin Mary. He did not become man just for the Jewish people. He did not just become man just for the Greeks or the Europeans. That would be to small a thing for the one through whom all things were made; Jesus Christ became man for all of us, without exception, from beginning to end, from the first to the last. So also, it would be too small a thing for the Blessed Virgin Mary to be just the Mother of Jesus Christ; just as his salvation extends to all, her motherhood extends to all; she is the Mother of all mankind.

This leads us to consider the practical blasphemies against her motherhood. As the Mother of all mankind she must in a special way be grieved by all wars and violence. Sadly, war might sometimes be necessary and might sometimes be justified, nevertheless, as our recent Popes have insisted, it always marks a defeat for humanity; it can never truly be a solution to our problems. We can see this readily through the eyes of the Blessed Virgin, for she can never take pleasure in the death of one of her children at the hands of another.

At Fatima the Virgin appeared when Europe especially was torn by the horrific violence of World War One. The shepherd children, while they spoke of the Virgin’s beauty and sweetness, observed that she never smiled and spoke always with great sadness, the sadness of a mother afflicted by the divisions in her own family.

Finally, there is the widespread practical blasphemy by means of abortion and contraception. Abortion deceives mothers, turning them into the killers of their own children. Contraception attacks the very gift of motherhood, treating the power to conceive as a burden and curse, rather than as a gift and blessing. Both abortion and contraception are attacks against motherhood and ultimately attacks against the supreme example of motherhood, the divine maternity of the Blessed Virgin.

It falls to us as children of the Holy Mother of God not to revenge the insults made against her, but to offer reparation through our own love and devotion. That means that having ourselves strayed from God we must turn now and ten times the more to seek him. That means we must not lose heart in face of the tidal wave of blasphemy that surrounds us, but we must have confidence that the Lord has entrusted his Church with the power, beneath the banner of the Blessed Virgin, to tread upon serpents and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy. Indeed, the Church herself is the corporate and social fulfillment of the great sign of the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet, and a crown of twelve stars about her head.

Even so, the cause of our rejoicing must not be in power over the enemy, but in having our names written in heaven, in the heart of our Mother. We must look to her with childlike trust that she might make her Son known to us and that he might reveal to us the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven that have been hidden from the learned and the powerful, the mystery above all of his own eternal origin in the Father. Then, having been blessed now with hearing the word of God and believing, we might then be blessed with the vision of the face of the Father in the eternal dwelling place of heaven.




Fr. Joseph Levine graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and after a long journey was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Baker, Oregon. He currently serves as pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church in The Dalles on the Columbia River.

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