Book Recommendations and ‘Formed’

This year I have only three new book recommendations:

  1. The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah
  2. A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: Old Testament by John Bergsma and Brant Pitre
  3. The Light of Christ: An Introduction to Catholicism by Thomas Joseph White, OP

In addition, I want to continue encouraging the use of our online access to . We have now entered into our fourth year of access to the multitude of resources provided by Formed for the enrichment of our Catholic faith.  The number of parishioners making use of Formed continues to increase. There is abundant content available both in English and in Spanish.  

It has also become easier to sign up making use of the special parish url . The parish code is no longer needed. Just visit the parish url and click on register, complete the information, and set up your personal account and password. Once your personal account is set up you have access, free of charge, to all the resources made available through Apps for Formed are also available now for both IPhone an Android.

There have been some changes to the website. In addition to the free content under the ‘On Demand’ heading, there is also a ‘Market’ which contains materials available for purchase. Both the ‘On Demand’ resources and the ‘Market’ products are divided under four headings: Study, Watch, Listen, and Read.

Under Study (‘On Demand’) you will find several subgroupings: ‘Faith Formation’, ‘Sacramental Preparation’, ‘Bible Studies’, ‘Current Topics’, ‘Youth’, ‘Español’. I would like to recommend the ‘Lectio’ series under ‘Bible Studies’, especially the one on prayer and the one on the Eucharist. Under ‘Current Topics’ Edward Sri’s ‘Who Am I to Judge?’ is truly worth watching. The is also a new program on the Eucharist, ‘Presence’, under ‘Faith Formation’.

Under the heading of Watch there are subheadings for movies, documentaries, apologetics, youth, and español. There is an imaginative ‘documentary’ on Our Lady of Guadalupe: 1531.

The heading Listen has a sizeable of selection of audiobooks and under Read you can find a large number of eBooks that can be downloaded free to your Ereader.

All of this is free of charge to the parishioners, though it does cost the parish a modest annual subscription charge that is partially subsidized by the Diocese by means of the Bishop’s Appeal.



Fr. Joseph Levine graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and after a long journey was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Baker, Oregon. He currently serves as pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church in The Dalles on the Columbia River.

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