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Nov 2018

It is a holy and pious thought (2 Mc 12:45) to pray for the dead. In the month of November the Church remembers in a special way the souls in purgatory and how we can help them by our prayers. An important, but forgotten, practice that can benefit the souls of the faithful departed, as well as ourselves, is the gaining of indulgences. Pope Paul VI taught: “An indulgence is a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who......

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November 02, 2018


I began this year writing about the Church as a sign of hope in the world precisely because she is a sort of sacrament of intimate unity with God and the unity of the whole...

September 21, 2018

Who am I to judge?

In order better to understand the words of the prophet, I want mercy, not sacrifice (Hos 6:6), I turned to Jesus’ statement about the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and fidelity. I am...