Choosing a Confirmation Name

Choosing a Confirmation Name

 A name identifies you in a unique way, not just your physical self, but who you are as a person. One of the traditional practices in the Church at the time of Confirmation is choosing a name that will remind you of this sacrament. Your prayerful reflection will help you determine that name. You might want to recommit yourself to your Baptismal name since it expresses the relationship that exists between these two sacraments, especially after you reflect on its meaning and discover some of the people who shared your name in Christian history. You might want to choose the name of a saint who represents the type of Christian you wish to be. It is important to learn as much as you can about your patron saint. After all, you are asking this saint to be your friend and advocate for the rest of your life. Whether you decide to stay with your Baptismal name or pick a new name, take the time to research and explore the root meaning of the name, for as Scripture says “The Lord calls each of us by name.”

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Saint Search Websites


You can search for a Saint by name, most sites list Saints in Alphabetical Order. Just look for the alphabet and start clicking. 


You can also search for a Saint by Patron, meaning the Saint who helps us find lost things, the Saint who can help with lost causes, the Saint who is the Patron of Child Abuse Victims, the Patron Saint of Athletes, Television & Video Games, Police Officers, Nurses, Teachers, Priests, etc. You name it there is probably a Saint for it. 


Make sure that you are using Catholic websites for your search. 


Here are a few to help you get started:


General Saint Report Guidelines for Saint Reports #1 – #4


Over the next 2 years you will need to research and write about 4 – 5 Saints. Your report must have the Saints feast day date, a birth and death date if possible, where they lived (ie; country, town, continent), age if possible, what they may be the Patron Saint of and a brief description of how the Saint lived and why they were recognized as a Saint. Also, give a brief summary of what you find interesting about this Saint. This report should be at least one page long and in a 14 point font. Remember to put your name at the top of the page and which number Saint Report it is. 


Final Saint Report Guideline


The final Saint report will be the Saint that the Candidate chooses as their patron and also their Confirmation name. Your final Saint report may be on a Saint that you have previously already written about but this report will need to be much more in depth on what the Saint did in their lifetime. Please let me know when this Saint lived and died and what they are the Patron of. I would like to know why the Candidate is particularly drawn to this Saint and particular emphasis on how they believe this Saint will help them and guide them throughout their lives (Not on society in general). 


For example: 

I believe that St. Bernadette will be a strong patron Saint for me because she was strong in her faith and belief and even when people made fun of her and thought that she was crazy she stayed strong in her conviction to Our Lord and did what he told her regardless of the consequences to her. She did not have an easy life but she did everything with God in mind and gave her life to God completely. I think that her strength and perseverance will help me when I am weak and lost. I know that I can look to and ask St. Bernadette to help and guide me in many situations that I might face throughout my life. 


This report will need to be 1 1/2-2 pages long. Please use a 14 point font size. Please, also, print very neatly if you are handwriting your report. Final reports should also be in a report cover with a cover page that includes a picture of the Saint.