First Holy Communion Class

First Holy Communion


Dear Parents, 


It is important to realize that, as parents, you are the primary educators of your child. Your active participation in your child’s religious education is highly encouraged by the Church. As a family, you are the first witnesses of God’s love to your child. If you provide a model of Catholic living at home, if as a family you participate in the sacramental life of the Church, and if you pray and attend Mass together, your child is more likely to take to heart the lessons he will learn in religion class. Family discussions of current events with a healthy religious perspective will allow your child to grow up with a better understanding of the world around him, and more importantly, help him to be a true Catholic and follower of Christ in the midst of it. As stated from the General Directory of Catechesis, “family catechesis precedes…accompanies and enriches all forms of catechesis” (GDC, 226; Congregation for the Clergy, 1998). Providing your child with a strong Catholic identity at an early age, while ensuring a lifetime of devotion, will certainly prepare him for the challenge of becoming a faithful Catholic adult. 


(Taken from the Faith and Life Series Level 2 – Jesus our Life book)


Faith and Life Series preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion


The Bible tells the love story between God and man. It reveals God’s original plan of living in union with man, the tragic consequences of man’s choice to break that union, God’s mercy and promise of a Savior, and how He prepared man to receive and be redeemed by the Savior. In the Level 2 book it prepares students to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion by helping them to understand how the Sacraments are a part of this love story. The students see how the present is linked to the past and how the covenants of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Covenant. They learn how the past events of the Bible will become present to us during the liturgical celebrations. Preparing for the Sacraments in the context of this story will make it clear that the sacraments are not mere rituals, rather it is through the Sacraments that we are intimately united to God and receive His redeeming grace and mercy. 


In preparation for the Sacrament of First Reconciliation students are prepared for First Reconciliation from the backdrop of God’s desire for us to be one with Him for all of eternity despite the fall of Adam and Eve. Themes of love, obedience, sin and mercy are developed to nurture faith, hope and love. 


In preparation for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion students begin preparation with the story of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. This mystery unfolds on a very basic level as they come to understand the Mass within the context of the Passover feast celebrated in the Last Supper. 


(Also taken from the Faith and Life Series Level 2 – Jesus Our Life book)

In addition to the Faith and Life books you will also have a Framework Booklet that will help you to stay on track and give you guidance on what you should be focusing on with your child. In this booklet there are many resources for you to access to aid you in your own knowledge and understanding as well as your child’s. This book will also contain a checklist so that you can chart your child’s progress.