October 31st 2021

“For with you is the fountain of life, and in your light we see light.” (Ps 36:10)

Have you ever seen a toddler or child try to run faster than they are physically able to, and when they fall?  Most fall on their face and immediately start to wail in agony.  Then someone, usually a parent, will come to their rescue to pick them up and begin healing them and then teaching them about themselves and their limits.  All human beings have limits. Especially when we try to do things without any help.  We all need help.  God is our help.  God is pure and actual being, and everything else is given existence by the Creator of all that exists.  We exist, but we are not yet fully alive until we live in God. Because of sin, we must pass through death before we can live fully in God.  God Himself came to show us the Way.  Bartimaeus was sitting by the side of the road when the Way passed by.  Jesus called.  Bartimaeus responded.  Jesus asks Bartimaeus what he desires. Bartimaeus asks for healing.  Bartimaeus receives healing. Bartimaeus follows Jesus, who is the Way.  The Way of Jesus is the Way of the Cross. Our spiritual blindness gets healed at the Cross.  I watched my wife suffer and starve to death because of her gastric cancer.  That’s when my spiritual blindness was healed.  Standing at the foot of the cross and facing her and my limit, death.  But when you die on a cross you have followed Christ there, and we who have faith know what happens next…We will rise with Him. (cf. Rom 6:1-14)

You deaf ones, listen,

You blind ones, look and see!

Who is blind but my servant,

Or deaf like the messenger I send?

Who is blind like the one I restore,

Blind like the servant of the Lord?

You see many things but do not observe:

Ears open, but do not hear.

It was the Lord’s will for the sake of His justice

To make his teaching great and glorious.” (Is 42:18-21)


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