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May 2019

Last week I wrote about modesty of words and actions in family life. This week now I need to speak about modesty of words and actions in the life of the Church. Our identity has, we could say, two fundamental poles, our origin from our parents and our new birth to God in baptism. Our normal, most concrete relation to the Church, is through the parish and the life of the parish finds its most concrete expression at Sunday Mass. Nevertheless, we need always to keep in mind that the Church is......

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November 16, 2018

Towards God

During my preaching and my writing this year I have place great emphasis on recovering the meaning of the Mass precisely as a sacrifice offered to God. The Mass is a banquet, but it is...

November 02, 2018


I began this year writing about the Church as a sign of hope in the world precisely because she is a sort of sacrament of intimate unity with God and the unity of the whole...