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May 2019

Last week I began writing about modesty in dress, but I put off the controversial subject of women’s clothing until this week. Once we start talking about different clothing for men and women we need to see that there really is a different standard. Some people might complain about the ‘double standard’, one standard for men and another for women, but there is actually a good reason for a different standard. In my opening essay on this subject I observed that while men tend to be more physically aggressive, women tend to......

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November 16, 2018

Towards God

During my preaching and my writing this year I have place great emphasis on recovering the meaning of the Mass precisely as a sacrifice offered to God. The Mass is a banquet, but it is...

November 02, 2018


I began this year writing about the Church as a sign of hope in the world precisely because she is a sort of sacrament of intimate unity with God and the unity of the whole...