The Upcoming Elections

Last November I began writing on the subject of social justice, which I defined as the right order of society. When I did so I had neither politics nor the election in mind. I was just following up on my reflections on the Lord’s Day, which was the conclusion of a series I wrote on creation.

During the course of the past year I have written about social justice focusing on the Lord’s Day and marriage and family, as the two pillars of social justice. For the most part I have not even been writing about the present situation, but more about what once was, what could be, and what should be, in the light of the word of God.

One important topic I have not yet addressed at all is the question of government. Now, as the eve of the election draws near, by coincidence, it is time for me to take up the question of government. Nevertheless, before I write about the purpose of government and its relation to establishing and maintaining social justice, it will be appropriate to make some remarks about the upcoming election.

The social disorder (and therefore objective injustice) of American society is massive. Whatever the proper role of government it is clear that the results of the elections will impact the social disorder in a big way. I would say it will be a question of whether or not we continue on the path of social dissolution that we have been following over the past decades or whether we hit the ‘pause’ button, which will allow time for forces of a healthy order to grow and gain strength.

In light of what I have written during the course of the last year it should be clear that neither race nor the environment nor the economy nor immigration are the most fundamental issues: religion together with marriage and family life are.

As I have repeated time and again, based on the first chapters of Genesis, the fundamental orders, in order of importance, are the relation of man to God, the interior order of the human soul, the relation of man and woman in marriage, and the relation of man to the environment through work. The first three orders are what most define who we are, the last pertains mostly to what we do. What matters most and what has been most neglected is who we are.

In any case, the question of marriage and family and freedom of religion are front and center in this election in a decisive manner. All these issues are tied together. They also impact the economy in a multitude of ways. Generally married men and women do better economically. On attaining adulthood children who have grown up under the watchful care of their father and mother, living in the same house with them, are more psychologically stable and are better prepared to deal with all the eventualities of life, including filling a productive role in the workforce. Basically, happy families mean happy people, which mean a prosperous and well-ordered society.

The dissolution of the family has brought about isolated and lonely individuals and a multitude of mental health disorders, accompanied by all sorts of things like crime, suicide, drug use, single motherhood, delinquent fathers, and poverty. The dissolution of the family has had a particularly devastating impact on minorities.

The greatest single support for a healthy family life has been religious institutions, in particular Christian and Jewish religious institutions. As these institutions have been marginalized in the public life of the nation, abandoned their traditions, and given way to corruption, they have also been less equipped to support healthy family life. The decline of the family and the decline of religion have gone hand in hand.

This decline, though, has not just been a matter of ‘old age’ so to speak, but the institutions of religion and family have been under a sustained attack since the sexual revolution and the feminist revolution of the 60s and 70s. The acceptance of contraception, abortion, divorce, and pre-marital sex, and cohabitation have all undermined both religious institutions and family life. The acceptance of these things has been fostered by powerful forces in the media and entertainment industries, fashions, educational institutions, and also by laws and public policy.

In the last 20 years this cancer has rapidly metastasized with the successes first of the homosexual agenda, then of the transgender agenda. Now the same institutions I just mentioned, which have been driving the whole agenda, seem to take it for granted that a man can become a woman, a woman can become man, or either can land in any of a myriad of places on the ‘gender spectrum’. To say otherwise is regarded as ‘bigotry’ and ‘hatred’. This insanity might be amusing were it not for the fact that powerful forces want to impose this gender ideology on the whole of society, train children in it from infancy, and crush all dissent.

So really the primary question before us in this election is which party is completely sold on the agenda of the sexual revolution, on abortion, on same-sex marriage, on transgender “rights”? Which party stands poised to accelerate that agenda and steam roll all opposition, including religious opposition?

That party is the party of social injustice and must be completely rejected. No compromise is possible. Any apparent good they might propose is vitiated by the sexual agenda that stretches its poisonous tentacles through every issue.



Fr. Joseph Levine graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and after a long journey was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Baker, Oregon. He currently serves as pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church in The Dalles on the Columbia River.

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